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A selection of branded products from Philip Shaw Wines designed by Helium Design Melbourne including bottles, packages, tasting notes and recipe cards.
Australian Open Live Lounge identity designed for Collins Place Melbourne by Helium Design Melbourne.
Inspire: environmental branding for the AVLC designed by Helium Design Melbourne. A graphic red panel featuring multiple monotone illustrations of fitness clothing and equipment. Bold typography reading Inspire sits in the middle of the composition.
City of Melbourne Winter City Guide covers sitting against a black backdrop. Covers designed by Helium Design Melbourne.
AustralianSuper Brand Guideline documents on a bench top. Documents designed by Helium Design Melbourne
Collins Place Market Place Branding shown on the main lift column of Collins Place Retail Foyer. Design by Helium Design Melbourne.
Growth Bomb Har Growth Shampoo Packaging sitting on a shelf in a yellow room setting. Branding and pack design by Helium Design Melbourne.
Painted illustrations of fruit and spices, created using watercolour paints.
Image featuring Delica Meats delivery vehicles. 3 Delica Meats trucks awaiting deliveries outside their factory, as photographed from above. Helium Design have created a brand identity system for Delica Meats.
Collins Place Market Place tote bag designed by Helium Design Melbourne.
Horses pass the cup in the Kennedy Mile part of the Flemington Race Week. Field branding shows Kennedy logos designed by Helium Design Melbourne.
Animated AustralianSuper Illustration of a woman with a jet pack designed by Helium Design Melbourne.
Plato Project Brandmark designed by Helium design Melbourne
Kennedy Retail storefront featuring Rolex, Panerai and the Kennedy logotype designed by Helium Design Melbourne.
Grainsmith vehicle livery on a food service vehicle.
AustralianSuper Illustration. An illustration of two stages of members journey with their superannuation. The 'planner' is depicted as a navigator on a ship. The retiree is depicted as couple holidaying in resort wear. The illustration is in warm golden tones.
A flat lay image of the AustralianSuper 2019/2020 Annual Report. Includes aerial imagery of the Kimberley in Western Australia overlayed with topographic line work designed by Helium Design Melbourne.
Higher Ground Shampoo Bar sitting on a marble bench top. Higher Ground is revolutionising hair care by taking plastic out of the equation. Their Shampoo bars are liquid-free so they're smaller and lighter to ship in packing that has zero plastic.Logotype, identity and pack design by Helium Design Melbourne.
Inspired by legend, proven by science. Introducing Growth Bomb: the secret weapon for hair growth, born in the Amazon. Growth Bomb logotype featuring a lighting bolt designed by Helium Design Melbourne.
Delica Direct Meats Branding featuring a logotype, an aerial image of a bench top displaying a cut of meat, a frying pan, cleaver, red wine and salt. The identity was designed by Helium Design Melbourne.
Philip Shaw Wines products arranged on a bench top with grapes and a chessboard. Image highlights the brand and packaging designed by Helium Design Melbourne.
An array of large LED screens on a stage feature the AustralianSuper – Good to Great for Members branding.
Philip Shaw Wines: The Characters Series. Wine bottles featuring uniquely named character illustrations such as the Idiot, the conductor, the wire walker, the architect. Labels designed by Helium Design Melbourne.
Kennedy beach polo tents featuring black flags with Kennedy branding.